Creating your own animated Christmas light show isn’t hard. But, in case you don’t believe me, here is a list of valuable links to help you get started.

  • Light-O-Rama Forums
    Forums where you can get support on LOR products or discuss anything related to Christmas light displays.
  • HolidayCoro
    Lots of RGB stuff and nice selection of stuff for your animated light show.
  • Forums Of Planet Christmas
    Forums where you can discuss anything related to Christmas. Mostly focuses on specific elements of a Christmas light display. Also has topics related to animated displays and topics related to many of the industries lighting controllers.
  • Light Up Ohio
    Official website for Light Up Ohio, an event (like a convention) for Ohioans to gather and discuss Christmas light displays and animated displays. Attendees share tips, tricks, ideas, advice, and even bring items to trade and sell.
  • Light-O-Rama Official Website
    Official home and web store for Light-O-Rama, the industry leader in lighting controllers for animated Christmas light displays.
    A website than carries thousands of useful products for Christmas light displays. They sell items such as SPT wire (zip cord), Christmas lights, strobe lights, wireframes, rope lights, non-Christmas lighting products, and much more.
    This website features products specifically intended for use in outdoor Christmas light displays. They have kits, do-it-yourself instructions, building materials, decor, and many other resources for your display.
    CDI is very similar to This is a must see website for the Christmas light show enthusiast.
  • Lori’s Lighted D’lights
    A great selection of pre-lit and un-lit wireframes. They carry not only Christmas themed wireframes but Halloween, Easter, and just about any holiday. If you like wireframes, you must check out this website.
  • PlanetChristmas
    Home of the PLUS, the Planet Christmas Light-up Symposium, Planet Christmas is a website dedicated to Christmas. You will find everything from holiday recipes to instructions for building a megatree.
  • Audacity: Free Audio Editor & Recorder
    Best free audio editor out there. Use it to mix and edit your music for you animated Christmas light show.