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So you want to build your own Christmas Light Show?

Join the thousands who already do. The best place to start is http://www.LightORama.com. Light-O-Rama is the manufacturer of the most popular computerized light controllers and show sequencing software. They offer everything from Do-It-Your-Self projects for hobbyists to fully assembled packages with everything you need to animate your Christmas lights.

LOR’s exceptional product quality and customer service makes it a phenomenal company all around. You will find LOR owner Dan Baldwin personally answering questions about his products on the LOR Forums.

My Light-O-Rama Forum username is ShowProKevin.

Important Links…

  • Planet Christmas – A website dedicated to Christmas light displays.
  • Planet Christmas Forums – A large message board dedicated to everything Christmas. A lot of content related to LOR and animated Christmas light shows in general.
  • Light-O-Rama – Manufacturer of the worlds greatest Christmas innovation–The affordable computerized light controllers.
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